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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Pineville, Louisiana, Magnolia Publishing has emerged to become the largest and oldest independent book publisher in Central Louisiana. Now entering its second decade, Magnolia Publishing—a family-owned, specialty publisher—serves up nostalgic literary treats for Audiences Who Are Southern or Southern At Heart. This coupled with author, Vicki Allen—and her ability to articulate southern ideals and sensibilities—has created a loyal following of multi-generational fans. Magnolia Publishing’s books are available online at major book retailers including,,, and others as well as in select boutiques and specialty gift shops.
Vicki Allen

Summary:  Born youngest of four children into a large family of old money, American photographer Abigail Christensen entered a world already expecting great things of her, and spent her entire life trying to conform, striving to please a family she knew she never could. 
Finally breaking free of stifling conventionality, she travels with her brother to Mexico, drifting from province to province as she captures photographs for an upcoming exhibit, wishing she had settled for the monotony of her previous lifestyle when she attracts the attention of legendary drug lord, Esai Molinero.  Read excerpts from chapters one and two here
Vicki Allen

Summary:  For Molly is contemporary fiction novel with southern flair, set in multiple locations around the Deep South. It is a story of friendship, love and loss; centered around the book's heroine, Ashley Stewart, a typical  small-town girl, feisty, strong, and independent, secure in the love of her family, and surrounded by a close-knit circle of lifelong friends. When a speeding truck erases the only truth she's ever known, Ashley flees her hometown, denying her past, ultimately meeting up with the one man who holds the key to her destiny.  Read chapter one here.
Vicki Allen

Summary:  Set in southern Mississippi and southeast Georgia, The Search for Shannon is the story of four women brought together by the birth and subsequent adoption of one child. Andie, the elusive blonde who fled her Texas hometown with a deeply hidden secret only to return twenty years to right the wrongs and reveal the truth. Dana, Andie's daughter, raised by her father but hungers only for her mother's love. Diana, the pampered southern belle who do could have anything, except the one thing she longs for most, and Zoe, the golden child, torn between two families and the question of her heritage.  Read excerpts from chapter one here.
Vicki Allen

Summary:  My, quickly time had flown. For Ashley Stewart, it had passed by in a flash. It hardly seemed possible that thirteen years had gone by since she fled Oklahoma on the heels of a nasty divorce, returning to Louisiana to regain her sanity and raise her child.
She had settled into a life of quiet contentment, running the family business and hanging out with old friends, rekindling old relationships while remembering what about them she loved most. She rediscovered romance when she married Jack, the one man who understood her—and loved her anyway.
Ashley felt safe within the boundaries of her hometown, believing that nothing could ever hurt her again. However, her security was a smokescreen, a delicate facade of which Ashley was completely unaware. She thought she was protected—untouchable in her happy little world—but she was wrong. Little did she know of the danger that lurked just beyond the trees.  Read excerpts from chapter one here.
Book Clubs Matter To Us 

Mark Twain once said, “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” 


We couldn’t agree more!  In the world of reading, few things could be better than escaping with a good book and a group of like-minded friends who appreciate a great read like you do--like we do, too! 


So, if your book club would like to read one of Vicki Allen’s novels, please take us up on our offer to provide your books at a 20% discount.  Order your discounted book club books here.


Does your book club have questions for author, Vicki Allen?  Email those to her—She loves to interact with readers and will answer your questions personally.


If you are new to book clubs and want to start one, click here for some tips to help you get started.

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